The Editing Sessions: Rewriting your Movement Story so You Can Embody the Joy and Playfulness that is Rightfully Yours

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Do you remember the last time you felt this free in your body?

I was about three and a half when I woke up that morning, didn’t want to wake my parents, removed my own diaper, got out of my crib, and took myself for a ride. This was a different time as evidenced by the fact that our neighbors called my parents… who then got their camera before going outside to get me.

There’s a follow up photo: I’m standing proudly in our tiny yard, still naked, arms in V for Victory.

No shame. Just freaking freedom and a desire for PLAY.

PLAY is the body’s favorite language and favorite tool for learning.

The body does NOT respond well to punishment disguised as “attempts to get healthy.”

To this day, I am 100% convinced that I dropped so many sizes so fast years ago when I began to dance again BECAUSE IT WAS JOYFUL.

And I’ve watched this happen with so many students over the years.

Once we are back in joyful relationship to our physical selves, everything else has the space it needs to express itself, to be processed, and to aid in our spiritual, emotional, and creative growth.

Once we are back in joyful relationship to our physical selves, we can finally access our original self and live the life we’ve always imagined. Our lives can only get as wonderful as we feel in this body.

The quality of our relationship to our physical selves is directly proportional to the impact we can have in our lives and in the lives of those around us.

WHAT I DO In particular, I am here to help women to get into a positive relationship with their bodies so they can tap into their body-based strength, intelligence, and creativity. Especially women who:

  • have never experienced this. 

  • have lived their lives in their heads. 

  • have felt estranged from themselves. 

  • have never thought they could be "athletic."

  • have always seen fitness as punishment for "eating the ice cream."

  • were told they weren't "shaped right" for dance or whatever they were naturally interested in. 

  • stood at the edge of the playground.

  • have lived long enough to have much to grieve and lack processes and spaces to express that grief.

Working one on one is especially effective for people who have experienced traumas around movement and the body and who have more than usual amounts of fear about group work. Especially women who have experienced:

  • gym class terror (MY GOD… I have been there!).

  • abusive movement teachers.

  • a history of disordered eating.

  • a history of chronic depression and anxiety (but you’re working through this and my help is in addition to other help).

  • abusive relationships.

  • generational trauma.

  • sexual traumas.


Working one on one, we will design a specific trajectory of exploration that is unique to you.

During our first meeting together, whether online or in person, I’ll have you do some simple breathing and movement so that I can observe where you currently are; we’ll also, of course, discuss your history a bit and what you dream of for yourself.

I recommend a minimum of three sessions to see any results. (A single session is $50 for 45 to 60 minutes; a package of three sessions is $140.)

Body based issues are deeply embedded and take time and patience to work through.


This is the work of a lifetime, and it will continue long after you and I are finished with our specific time together.

Each session will end with homework. It’s important that you’re committed to practice.


Your body will, quite simply, be a healthy and open conduit as it was meant to be.

Your body will become the material expression of your spirit, your heart, your dreams, your love, as it was meant to be.

Your body will no longer feel like a heavy encumbrance but a light and strong carrier of YOU.

You will no longer feel like a walking and talking head.

Your sense of yourself as a sensual and sexual being will blossom in new ways.

You will take joy and pride in being seen.

You will no longer want to hide yourself.

Though life will still feel full of potential sadness and heartache, you will know you have the strength to endure.



“Working individually with Christine gave me a deeper understanding of the root of my health issues. I gained knowledge that has transformed my life while also receiving specific guidance and individualized attention that has given me the hope and courage to press forward on my healing journey. During our session, Christine also gave me exercises to do on my own at home to strengthen my footing and help me feel more grounded. Her expertise, patience, and fierce compassionate heart make for a truly magical combination, and I am blessed to have had the experience of working with her individually and plan on more sessions in the future.” (Rachel)

“I have not only taken weekly classes with Christine, but I have also had the privilege of doing some one-on-one sessions with her to help process the grief I experienced after my mother’s death. In our sessions, Christine helped me locate and visualize my grief in such a way that I was able to find ways to physically and emotionally work WITH the grief to empower myself. Each session allows me to peel away at more of the layers and find more of my authentic self beneath. While my work was focused on grief, these one-on-one sessions can focus on any aspect that one needs to release, explore, and express. The process through which Christine gently (and sometimes not so gently lol) guides us is designed to release our authentic selves and fulfill our truest purpose. I would highly recommend working with her one-on-one to discover the fullest potential that lies inside of you. While it is not easy to describe the process in a few concise words here, suffice it to say that by engaging in a process that combines all types of movement and embodiment, we awaken our cores and reclaim that which we had not even realized we had let go. Christine helps us to realize our highest sense of self.” (Chris)

“A lot of us go through life not really knowing everything our bodies are for. We have biomechanical issues we aren't even aware of, because we're so desensitized and have never learned to truly listen to what our bodies are saying. Sometimes we pick up on major issues, but we often don't learn comprehensively all the tools available to us to improve our over all state of being. Mental health issues are a combination of trauma and brain chemistry, but they are also exacerbated by these biomechanical issues, and it's important to address them in order to manage our emotional challenges as best we can.

This work that Christine does opens a door to deep listening to our bodies and improvement of these issues. By guiding you through techniques informed by extensive research on biomechanics, dance practices such as the Japanese art of Butoh, and tantric and kundalini yoga, Christine can help provide you with tools and techniques you can utilize in conjunction with other tools and treatments to achieve deep body listening and understanding. This deeper level of body presence will help improve your over all state of being and health. Her work is designed to assist others through grief, anxiety, depression, mania, and a multitude of other emotional symptoms.

If there's one one thing I’ve learned in my 26 years of struggle with mental and physical illness, it's that cure alls cure none. We all need a tool box to reach our best quality of life. For me personally, this toolbox includes medication, knowledge and therapeutic practices I've learned from Christine. While traditional forms of therapy are a great tool for some, for me Christine’s techniques (such as breathing techniques to control the sympathetic nervous system as it pertains to anxiety, alternative forms of meditative mindfulness, and dance practices as epiphany and cathartic release) have provided me with the most successful therapeutic tool I have ever had. When you first work with Christine, you may not understand the correlation between what she's teaching you and what you need, yet her guidance is based on extensive knowledge in all these areas I've spoken of and more. Trust in her process. She genuinely has your best interests at heart. If you are on the road to rehabilitation and are looking for additional tools for your tool box, I highly recommend trying this work with Christine. It helps most continue to grow and heal.” (D)