WaterSpine Yoga

Tantra is everything that I thought life was when I was only 6 years old and had a near drowning experience that showed me everything is one, everything is peace and light, and that when we die, we return to that energy, and while we are here, we are meant to BE that energy… or to rediscover it about ourselves, to be more precise.

Even as my depression ate my dance (go here to read more), I started to study and practice yoga. For about 25 years, I've delved into a variety of lineages, including Tantra, Kundalini, Kripalu, Vinyasa, and Iyengar. I studied and continue to study breath practices (pranayama) and the philosophy of yoga. My primary focus for many years was Kundalini and the work of the chakras.

But recently my studies have gotten more and more focused on Tantra Yoga (the actual and profound philosophy and not what has become overly sexualized by the Western mind that tends to either under or over sexual just about everything because of serious imbalances). The study of tantra is changing me deeply, as I come into contact with philosophies that I now recognize as those of my childhood.

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As I read and study tantra, my movement work naturally changes, as my mind and heart change. It’s all one.

As I study tantra and become more myself, there is a softening happening. I want deeper movement and I finally have come to know the strength of my own fluidity.

I want more contact with Goddess and feminine energy in my movement work and in my life.

I want more contact with all of that in me and in my community.

Being a synthesizer by nature means that I could never just keep yoga on my mat nor could I only keep yoga in my yoga in the strictest sense. And Tantra doesn’t ask me to separate things into boxes; it asks that I follow my instincts, investigate my curiosities, and experience this life and this body through all my senses, never judging any experience as more or less sacred because all is sacred.

WaterSpine Yoga will take you deeply into your center and will help you to unleash the power and beauty and flow of your spine. Ultimately the power and beauty and flow of your spine will spill over into your entire life.

WaterSpine Yoga is elemental and primal and natural. It’s breath based and always begins with the breath linking one to all. Breath is the key.

I add lots of special sauce and sprinkles that come from my background/interest in (and this list is never exhaustive as I am always learning more that I then bring to my students):

A variety of yoga lineages, as mentioned above, partner movement, meridian based medicine, Japanese butoh, modern dance, body weight work, biomechanics, guided visualizations, movement prompts for brain health, chant, meditation, and again, whatever is floating my boat at the moment.

With WaterSpine Yoga’s focus on breath, there’s no way to leave a class without feeling completely renewed.

You’ll also get a taste of, well, pretty much every world religion/system of philosophy, shared ritual, and community building.

The Circle of Trees grew out of or alongside the evolution of WaterSpine Yoga.