This space is made even more beautiful by the teacher and community support allowing me to go to the internal spaces where I have blocked myself emotionally and physically. The intuitive guidance and Christine's knowledge of the body and how to get to the deeper areas into where I can move the energy and heal. (Linda)

It's the "trauma informed teachings and methods" that make this different. This ain't no vanilla dance or yoga studio. (Peggy)

Christine is the ultimate architect of community, guiding women past all of the societal bullshit that tells us to compete against one another, and teaching us to support each other. She is not like other teachers. She does not tell you what to think or do. She's like the older sister we all wanted growing up: she passes down all she's learned, she listens, and she values your wisdom as much as you do hers. No one does what she does, and I'm positive no one else could if they tried. (Donnie)

Christine has this amazing gift to help you access your emotions, embody them, and emerge stronger as a result of fully joining mind, body, and spirit. She helps your body remember the importance of PLAY and her depth of knowledge and experience is nothing short of awe-inspiring. But beyond that, she helps women form sacred connections with each other and discover the power and strength that comes from rooted community. (Kelly)

Christine's work is unique and focuses on the embodiment of our selves through movement. Her process has truly transformed my life. I came (back) to her work about 2.5 years ago, and when my mother died last year from metastasized lung cancer, it was her work and the community of women she forged through it that helped me to survive the loss. Thanks to the tools she taught me, I was able to process my grief and give it the time it needed to work its way out. I have also completely re-envisioned my self through her work, allowing my authentic self to be acknowledged and heard, and it has moved me in paths I never dreamed possible. I cannot stress strongly enough how powerful her work has been for me and in my life. I encourage anyone to explore what she has to offer and see how it changes your life for the better as well. (Chris…one of so many Christines at our studio!)

62250919_2384180591866187_5185365032082341888_n (1).jpg

Amazing teacher and great resource. She knows what she knows and will find out if she doesn’t. (Adelaide)

Her wisdom, ethics, and authentic approach make each class uniquely designed for exactly what we need. As a long-time student, I often recommend her yoga classes as well as her movement arts because of the very real “heart of Christine” that is the soul of each practice. If you haven’t, you must try. You ARE worth The Effort. (Erin)

Christine is very knowledgeable and presents information in a fun, friendly, and very educational away… And there are usually a few laughs involved! I highly recommend following her page and taking one of her workshops or classes. My favorite are the workshops! (Missy)

Christine and her work has changed my life and my health immensely. This is about lifelong movement skills for all bodies and all ages ...not an exercise class. This work will affect every facet of your life. My only regret is not being able to take more classes than I have 💕 (Justine)

I first met Christine almost two years ago at her Mini Retreat: Self Care and Support for Sensitives and I am so thankful I did. The retreat helped me kick off my journey back into movement. I had taken dance as a child and young adolescent. I haven't danced in over 10 years and forgot how therapeutic and freeing it is. I now am taking both her Ballet OM and BodyPoetics classes and look forward to them every week. It is everything I've been missing in my life and more. The community of women I've met from her classes are strong, supportive, and inspiring. The dance we practice really helps cleanse the soul through expression and Christine always provides feedback! I feel like this movement journey is helping me find my voice. Whether you have little background in dance experience or none at all, I highly recommend trying it out. It could change your life. (Jillian)

I’m so grateful a friend introduced me to Christine! I can’t begin to describe the magic and energy felt during a class.. so much uplifting power💛 I look forward to class every Sunday as it’s helped me find my light and release whatever it is that needed released to continue growing into a stronger better version of myself. Love Christine and her circle of trees:) and so happy I can be a part of something so powerful 🌳💛 (Nicole)

Christine creates a safe space to explore, release, discover, and move. Step on your mat and grow your practice. 🌟 (Michelle)

I have followed Christine's work for *years* now, and have had the pleasure and privilege of working with her in person at her Erie studio AND online through various formats. Christine has studied, practiced, learned, and synthesized from a *ton* of different sources. She has a huge amount of knowledge and an equally huge amount of practical skill - and a huge heart to go along with it all. And she practices what she teaches; she absolutely walks her talk. She is both relentless and deeply caring. She kicks butt when needed, and she holds space with a tenderness equal to her fierceness. Her work is a powerful exploration of what it means to be HERE in this world, in this body, in this SELF, and how we can continue to grow into ourselves and BE who we are, whatever that looks like for each individual. (Grace)

64250271_489306265147809_9155807034443038720_n (2).jpg

Five years ago when I was introduced to Christine's work, I had lost myself in business, anxiety, stress and illness. My ego and intellect were in a street-fight with my body, and every part of me was losing. I was terrified to move for fear of hurting myself further. Then I learned from Christine how to trust my body, to find my breath and to let it lead me to the movement, the knowledge, and the various people who would help me travel an extraordinary distance on a journey toward health and wholeness. I don't know where I would be today without the gift of Christine's work. (Kristy)

It is said that a journey begins with a single step. A few years ago, I took that step after being guided to Christine's work. She's fierce with her heart, and her tools are her years of experience being fully in her body, mind and spirit combined with knowledge of several forms of movement practices. I'm still on the first mile or two of learning to be fully connected to myself in a holistic, loving way and yet I know I've grown with each step, each class, and each stumble. Just when you think you can't anymore, that things are hopeless, she's there to remind you of your truth, and your own fierceness. She's taught me so much, in just a few short years, and I'm excited to keep growing and learning as much as I can from Christine and also myself. I know I'm worth the effort, and so are you <3 (Rachel)

Christine's gifts are vast, with an endless capacity to hold space for her Tribe while bringing you to your self. It is an amazing journey to learn about body/mind and capability. Also: Her fierce warrior self makes you WANT to DO THE WORK!! And you find YOUR warrior in the process. There is nothing more special than a teacher that brings you to YOU. And thereby loving yourself that much more. This is care and support. I love this teacher. There is so much more to say!! (Anna)