A Glimpse into My One on One Work and What It's All REALLY About

I work with people one on one, and with every person, this will look very different, of course but eventually it all comes down to similar issues.

People will come to me wanting to work on flexibility or they want to get stronger. They often start by coming to me with what they perceive to be a physical issue.

But eventually and inevitably, we get to the real issue.

Chronic physical issues (as opposed to illnesses) always have a basis in your emotional or spiritual life.

The body is simply telling the truth about your pain or what you need before you yourself are ready to articulate it.

Some of my students though know this from the start and come to me immediately with requests like Chris, for example.

She’s working through a lot of layers of grief, and even though she takes weekly classes with me, she knows that on occasion she needs more intense and focused help. So right now, we’re doing a series of one on ones focusing on exactly HER.

This is how we started last week — with what I simply call folding and unfolding. It’s a way to very easily drop into the body without feeling like you’re trying to make the body “perform” in any way.